12VPN Review – Features And Benefits Of Using 12VPN Service

12vpn rec

12VPN is a privacy solution from Anuson Limited which is Hong Kong based company. The company launched its VPN service in the year 2009 to provide a safe and unrestricted way of accessing the internet from anywhere. In this article, you will come to know about the features of the service as well as get a subscription recommendation.

12VPN Features:

1) Protocols Supported – OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, IPSec, IKEv2 and SSTP.

2) Encryption Strength – 128-256 bit encryption is available through the service.

3) Speed & Bandwidth Restrictions – No speed limits or usage caps. The service uses a Smart routing mechanism that unlocks restricted sites faster regardless your location or the VPN server that you wish to use.

4) VPN Servers – 12VPN has VPN servers in 15 different countries. The locations of the company’s VPN gateways indicate a strong focus on important VPN markets such as United States, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Israel, Canada, Spain, Hong Kong and Liechtenstein.

The company does not permit P2P traffic from within its network.

5) Server Switching Policy – Unlimited access to all servers and unlimited server switching options available to all customers.

6) Device/OS Compatibility – Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS (iPad/iPad), Android, Linux, Symbian, BlackBerry as well as DD-WRT, pfSense, Sabai and Tomato routers. Unlike many other VPN providers, the company provides OpenVPN support for Android devices and routers. All 12VPN plans include server level firewall protection preventing malicious programs like viruses, spywares and malwares from reaching your devices. The company even allows more than one connection at the same time so it is possible to secure several devices with one VPN subscription. For those who wish to use the service on their gaming consoles and Smart TVs, the company has tied up with Sabai and Flashrouters to sell preconfigured routers.

7) VPN Software – 12VPN does not provide its own VPN software. However, GUI based installation is available for Windows and Mac through Viscosity. The service includes a free Viscosity license ($9 value) with all VPN plans. The company has published detailed setup instructions for a wide range of operating systems so configuring the service manually is really easy.

8) Logging Policy – 12VPN does not log browsing activities of its customers. And while the company respects the privacy of its customers and doesn’t share customer data with third parties, it will co-operate with and may even inform law enforcement agencies if a customer uses the service for unlawful activities.

9) Subscription price – 12VPN’s plans are available from $38.85 for 3 months, $59.94 for 6 months and $60 for 12 months. The company even offers a 12VPN 51 plan for $35 per year that allows you to download 5 GB of data every month at full speeds and then restricts the speed to 1 MBPS for the rest of the month.

10) Free Trial/Money Back Policy – 12VPN does not offer a free trial. However, all new subscriptions are backed by an unconditional 14 day money back guarantee.

11) Customer Support – 12VPN delivers 24X7 customer support through email. Although the company doesn’t offer support through phone, it has provided a voicemail number on its website allowing customers to leave their messages.

12VPN Benefits:

1) Bypass Geographical/IP Blocks – 12VPN allows its customers to unblock premium and local content from 15 different countries. With your subscription, you can unblock On-Demand streaming sites like Spotify, ABC Player, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Voddler, Zattoo, USA Network, The Comedy Network, Netflix, ProSieben, Canal+, Lovefilm, ABC iView, Eurosport, Hulu, RTL, Viasat, MTV, Vevo, Sport1, Sky Go, Demand 5, HBO Go, Global TV, TV Tokyo, CWTV, CMore, Wilmaa, Pandora, Bravo, Das Erste, NBC, Film1, TV Asahi, WimpMusic, Rara, MyTV, 4OD, CBS, Sat.1, City TV, Much Music, MLB, Deezer, Mio TV, Star TV, Canale 5, Xfinity, RTVNH, CTV, UK TV, DMAX, Pluzz, Vox, D8, 3SAT, iTV Player, ORF 1, TNT, WDR, D17, NHL, Spacecast, TV Japan, Arte, ZDF, SVT, TVE, TVB, AT5, TMC, W9, STV, TV Lab, TSN, Vudu, CBC and Fox from any location in the world.

2) Bypass Censorship – Using 12VPN is an excellent way to bypass the censorship and firewalls at schools, workplaces and foreign locations. The service allows you to access Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Gmail and YouTube from any location (even from China and Middle East) and even shields your online activities from the surveillance monitoring tactics used by many governments and corporations.

3) Data Security – The 256 bit encryption used by the company ensures that your data is scrambled beyond recognition. Once you are connected to the service, your passwords, credit card numbers, social accounts and financial transactions cannot be stolen or misused by unscrupulous elements under any circumstances.

4) Protection of Wi-Fi Sessions – The service includes a cutting-edge Wi-Fi protection module that protects your data and privacy even when you are using an unsecured wireless connection. The double protection offered by tunneling and encryption ensures that your sensitive data remains out of reach of hackers and cyber criminals while you are connected to a public hotspot at airports, malls, parks, coffee shops and libraries.

5) Secure All Applications – Unlike cheap privacy solutions like proxies which can secure only browsing, 12VPN allows you to secure your browsing, messaging, FTP, VOIP and emailing activities with just one configuration.

Final Verdict - Overall, 12VPN delivers on most parameters. While the company does not offer a monthly subscription plan, it doesn’t compromise on speed and security. So if you want to subscribe to a trusted VPN service that is used by customers from all over the world, do not forget to check the plans from 12VPN.

April 15, 2014

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