OverPlay VPN Review – Features And Benefits Of OverPlay Service


OverPlay is a UK based security company that offers privacy solutions to its customers. The company offers a SmartDNS service to help people stream their favorite content as well as a full-fledged VPN solution that provides total anonymity and security on the internet. This article will highlight the most important features of OverPlay’s VPN service and show how it protects your anonymity on the web.

OverPlay VPN Features:

1) Protocols Supported – PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN.

2) Encryption Strength – 128 bit blowfish encryption available through the service.

3) Speed & Bandwidth Restrictions – No speed or bandwidth restrictions imposed upon the customers. The service even permits legal P2P traffic through its servers.

4) VPN Servers – 100+ VPN Servers in 48 countries. Server locations include major VPN markets in Americas, Europe and Asia including countries such as United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Romania, Lithuania, Mexico, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Venezuela, Italy, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Argentina, Bahamas, Belarus, Estonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, India, Iceland, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Egypt, South Africa, Czech Republic, Israel and South Korea.

The company is constantly adding new servers so make sure to check out the official blog from time to time.

5) Server Switching Policy – Customers are free to connect to any server and switch servers as many times as they want.

6) Device/OS Compatibility – Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPads, iPhones, DD-WRT routers and Boxee. Multiple connections are allowed from one location (home, school or office).

The company has earmarked specific servers for activities like Streaming (Smart Servers) and gaming. In addition, the company offers servers with additional security (Safemode servers) and servers that offers fastest connection to a specific location (‘A’ to ‘B’ Servers). The OverPlay SmartDNS service works with most operating systems and devices like Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, PS3, Xbox, Wii and Apple TV.

7) VPN Software – OverPlayVPN software available for Windows and Mac. The OpenVPN based software allows you to change servers, check IP address, view connection logs and automatically connect to the fastest server available at a particular location. There is also an advanced mode available that makes it possible to change protocols, choose an individual server from a specific location and even check ping time for specific servers. However, the tool lacks the ability to bind applications which means there is a real danger of your IP getting exposed when the VPN connection goes down. The client is not yet available for iOS, Android and Linux but you can follow the setup instructions or video guides to configure the service on a device running on these operating systems.

8) Logging Policy – OverPlay logs connection timestamp and data usage details in an aggregate format. The logs are recycled regularly plus the data usage details are never handed to anyone unless required by law.

9) Subscription price – SmartDNS service available from $4.95 per month. VPN service (including SmartDNS) is available for $9.95 per month, $27.95 for 3 months, $52.95 for 6 months and $99.95 for 12 months.

10) Free Trial/Money Back Policy – No free trials available; 48 hour money back guarantee available for VPN plans (14 day for SmartDNS service).

11) Customer Support – Live chat and support tickets. The company has also published resolution for common VPN errors on its Knowledgebase portal.

OverPlay VPN Benefits:

1) Bypass Geographical/IP Blocks – OverPlay VPN allows you to unlock IP blocked services like Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, HBO Go, Hulu, CBS, Pandora, Netflix, CWTV, MLB, NHL, NBC, TNT, Amazon Prime, USA Network, FOX, Sky Go, BBC iPlayer, MTV, Demand 5, 4OD, Lovefilm, iTV, STV, UK TV, RTE, Spacecast, CTV, CBC, Global TV, E!, WimpMusic, Voddler, Rara, RTL, Spotify, TV Lab, AT5, ProSieben, Zattoo, Deezer, Vox, Canal+, Das Erste, TF1, Sat.1, 3Sat, Direct 8, Arte, Eurosport, RTS, Wilmaa, NRK, TV Tokyo, Mio TV, TV Japan, MyTV and TVB from all over the globe.

2) Bypass Censorship – OverPlay VPN makes it easy to circumvent traffic shaping, speed throttling, firewalls as well as surveillance and monitoring measures deployed by the governments and ISPs. This allows you to access blocked sites like Facebook, Skype, Gmail, Blogger and YouTube from China and even conduct VOIP sessions over Skype from Middle East.

3) Data Security – OverPlay VPN will secure your sensitive data like bank login information, passwords, social account details as well as financial transactions against theft and misuse.

4) Protection of Wi-Fi Sessions – The OverPlay VPN solution includes a robust Wi-Fi protection feature. The service protects your wireless sessions at public places (airports, malls, public parks, libraries and restaurants) from all kinds of hacking and snooping threats.

5) Secure All Applications – Unlike proxies, OverPlay protects all applications that connect to the web (VOIP software, email client, browser, torrent software etc.) with just one click.

Final Verdict - OverPlay VPN scores well on most parameters. While the annual plans of the service is slightly expensive, the service provides great speeds and a reliable privacy solution to its customers. So if you are looking for a high speed VPN service with a global presence, check the offers from OverPlay today.

April 8, 2014

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