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SwitchVPN is a leading VPN service that made its debut in 2010. The company is headquartered in Thane, India and it offers customizable VPN plans for personal and business use. This article will list down the features offered by the service and help you to decide whether SwitchVPN is worth your time and money.

SwitchVPN Features:

1) Protocols Supported – PPTP, L2TP (with IPSec), SSTP, OpenVPN

2) Encryption Strength – 1024-2048 bit encryption system used by the service.

3) Speed & Bandwidth Restrictions – No speed or bandwidth restrictions. Most of the company’s servers are connected to 1 GBPS nodes which ensures faster speeds for streaming and downloading content. The company even guarantees 99.999% service uptime for an uninterrupted VPN experience.

4) VPN Servers – SwitchVPN’s servers are located in 20 different countries. The server locations include a good mix of Western VPN markets and offshore locations and are located at United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Hong Kong, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Sweden, Singapore, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, Russia, Malaysia, Italy, Belgium and Latvia.

P2P sharing is available through Netherlands based servers.

5) Server Switching Policy – The company permits unlimited server switching through the servers that are available in your VPN plan.

6) Device/OS Compatibility – Compatible with Windows (7, 8, Vista, XP), Android, Mac (OS X 10.5 or later), iPads, iPhones and Linux. In addition, the service can be used on gaming consoles (Xbox, PS3, Wii), Apple TV, Smart TVs and other compatible devices through Tomato or DD-WT routers. The company allows multiple simultaneous connections for Combo Pro and Business plan users.

7) VPN Software – User friendly VPN software available for Windows and Mac. The client makes it easy to connect to SwitchVPN’s servers with a single click, switch servers, change protocols, update the software, debug connection issues, use proxies in conjunction with VPN and even get notifications when the VPN connection goes down. However, the software lacks the ability to shut down applications when the connection is disrupted so there is a risk of your true IP address getting exposed when the connection drops.

Users who need to use the service on Linux, iOS, Android or routers must configure the service manually by referring to setup guides available in the Knowledgebase section.

8) Logging Policy – SwitchVPN logs certain connection details such as date, time and location of connection, bandwidth consumed and active connection time for a period of few days. The logs are used only to prevent abuse and are recycled regularly. The company does not spy on users’ online activities plus it does not share customer details with third parties.

9) Subscription price – SwitchVPN has several different subscription plans:

– Lite plan (access to US, UK, Dutch, German and Canadian servers) is available for $5.95 per month, $15 for 3 months and $37.4 for 12 months.
– Combo Pro plan (access to servers from all countries; up to 2 simultaneous connections possible) is available for $9.95 per month, $26.85 for 3 months and $59.4 for 1 year.
– Business plans (access to all servers, up to 10 simultaneous connections) are available from $59.95 per month.

Additional simultaneous connections can be purchased from $1.95 per month per connection.

10) Free Trial/Money Back Policy – SwitchVPN doesn’t offer a free trial. However, there is a 7 day money back guarantee available.

11) Customer Support – 24X7 customer support available through live chat and support tickets. The support staff can even provide remote assistance to help customers resolve technical problems.

SwitchVPN Benefits:

1) Bypass Geographical/IP Blocks – SwitchVPN can help you to unblock BBC iPlayer, Gmail, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, YouTube, HBO Go, Hulu, NHL, Amazon Prime, CBS, Netflix, Pandora, MLB, FOX, NBC, TNT, USA Network, CWTV, Lovefilm, Eurosport, Demand 5, 4OD, CBC, Spacecast, STV, MTV, UK TV, iTV Player, Sky Go, Bravo, Global TV, Spotify, Canal+, TSN, Zattoo, CMore, Viasat, ProSieben, Voddler, TV Tokyo, Wilmaa, Film1, CTV, DMAX, City TV, D8, WimpMusic, Deezer, 3SAT, Sport1, RTVNH, TV Asahi, MioTV, TV Lab, SVT, ORF 1, Pluzz, D17, ZDF, RTL, Arte, TV Japan, Das Erste, Rara, W9, TVB, AT5, MyTV, Sat.1, TMC and Vox from any location in the world.

2) Bypass Censorship – SwitchVPN is an excellent tool to bypass the censorship and restrictive measures imposed by governments, ISPs and institutions. Once you are connected to a SwitchVPN server, you would be able to access Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from locations like China; use Skype and Google Talk from Middle East and Brazil and even unblock websites blocked in your schools and offices.

3) Data Security – Due to the high level of encryption used by the company, your important data remains secure at all times. Once you are protected by the network, your passwords, social accounts and financial transactions remain safe from all kinds of hacking and malicious attacks.

4) Protection of Wi-Fi Sessions – SwitchVPN includes a Wi-Fi protection feature that secures your wireless connections at malls, airports, hotels, coffee shops and other public places. SwitchVPN not only encrypts your data but also creates a tunnel of security around web sessions so you can connect to banking sites, social networks and PayPal without worrying about the data falling into the wrong hands.

5) Secure All Applications – SwitchVPN can not only secure browsing sessions, it can also protect your emailing, messaging, torrenting and VOIP activities with a single click. Unlike proxies, SwitchVPN works with all the applications that connect to the internet plus there is no need to configure each application separately.

Final Verdict - Overall, SwitchVPN scores well on most parameters. The company not only provides an affordable VPN service, it also offers a very high level of privacy and security on the web. So if you are looking for a trusted VPN solution that takes your privacy seriously, check the subscription plans from SwitchVPN today.

April 15, 2014

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