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VPNSecure Pty Ltd is a service provider from Australia which offers VPN, Proxy and SmartDNS solutions to customers. The company launched its VPN service in the year 2010 and since then it has managed to roll out its operations globally. In this detailed article, you will learn about the important features offered by the VPNSecure VPN service and learn whether it is worth the subscription price.

VPNSecure Features:

1) Protocols Supported – PPTP and OpenVPN.

2) Encryption Strength – Upto 2048 bit RSA encryption available.

3) Speed & Bandwidth Restrictions – Unlimited speed and unrestricted bandwidth available to all customers. The bandwidth for Australian VPN server is restricted to 50 GB per month but all other servers offer unlimited bandwidth. The company does not oversell its services so it is able to deliver fast speeds and uninterrupted connectivity at all times.

4) VPN Servers – VPNSecure has VPN gateways in 33 countries. The choice of server locations include important VPN markets such as United States, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Mexico, Luxembourg, Singapore, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Austria, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, New Zealand, Portugal, Ukraine, Czech Republic, India, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Chile, Egypt and Panama.

The company even permits P2P traffic from a few VPN gateways.

5) Server Switching Policy – Unlimited server switching options available to all paid customers.

6) Device/OS Compatibility – VPNSecure is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iPads, iPhones, Linux as well as DD-WRT and Tomato routers. OpenVPN support is available for iPads and iPhones through the OpenConnect app as well as for rooted Android devices. The company has tied up with Flashrouters to sell pre-configured DD-WRT and Tomato routers. The company provides free access to its proxy network for all VPN customers and even supplies a Chrome browser extension that allows you to browse anonymously through proxies.

7) VPN Software – OpenVPN based VPN software available for Windows and Mac systems. The client makes it easy to connect with one click, switch servers, save connection logs, run speed tests and even provides shortcuts for popular sites like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora. However, the client does not include an Internet Kill Switch feature so your true IP address could be exposed to your ISP if the service goes down for some reason.

Customers who wish to use the service on Linux, iOS and Android devices would need to configure it manually by referring to the setup instructions provided by the company.

8) Logging Policy – The company keeps connections logs for a period of 24 hours. Even though the company respects the privacy of its customers, it may capture traffic logs if it is asked to do so by a court order.

9) Subscription price – PPTP only VPN plan available for $7.95 per month ($24.95 for 6 months), OpenVPN only VPN plan available from $9.95 per month ($49.95 for 6 months) and Combo PPTP+OpenVPN VPN plan available for $13.95 per month ($59.95 for 6 months). The company offers Dedicated IP accounts from $40.95/3 months and a SmartDNS service for $4.95 per month.

10) Free Trial/Money Back Policy – VPNSecure offers a 2 day trial account for $2 ($4 for PPTP+OpenVPN). The company offers refunds only to those customers who are not able to use the service due to technical issues and have consumed less than 50 MB of bandwidth.

A limited feature, ad-supported free VPN account is also available to new subscribers. The free account is available only for Windows systems, supports only browsing activities and comes with a bandwidth limit of 600 MB per month.

11) Customer Support – The company offers customer support through live chat and email. The live chat is available for 20 hours a day (9:00 – 05:00 AEST) but support through ticketing system is available round the clock. The company has also published troubleshooting instructions for most common VPN errors on its support portal.

VPNSecure Benefits:

1) Bypass Geographical/IP Blocks – VPNSecure makes it incredibly easy to unblock local content from 33 different countries. With your subscription, you can easily access premium services like BBC iPlayer, Zattoo, RTL, Hulu, iTV, Netflix, RTE Player, ABC Player, Spotify, Sky Go, STV, Eurosport, Voddler, ABC iView, NBC, Viasat, ProSieben, USA Network, Bravo, MTV, Canal+, Film1, Demand 5, Global TV, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Lovefilm, The Comedy Network, Sat.1, CMore, TNT, TV Tokyo, ORF 1, CWTV, Much Music, Wilmaa, Pandora, Deezer, Mio TV, TVE, Star TV, Xfinity, NHL, Canale 5, Vudu, FOX, Spacecast, WimpMusic, TV Lab, Rara, Das Erste, MyTV, TV Asahi, CBS, UK TV, 4OD, CTV, DMAX, Vevo, Sport1, City TV, TV Japan, CBC, Pluzz, Arte, MLB, Vox, 3SAT, ZDF, RTVNH, SVT, TSN, D8, TVB, D17, AT5, TMC, WDR nd W9 regardless of your location in the world.

2) Bypass Censorship – The service offers protection from all forms of surveillance and monitoring and even allows you to bypass the firewalls deployed by ISPs and network administrators. Once you are connected to the service, you can easily access sites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype even if the site is blocked by network administrator or government (as it happens in China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil etc.).

3) Data Security – Due to high level of encryption used by the service, your sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social accounts and passwords remain safe from all types of thefts and security threats.

4) Protection of Wi-Fi Sessions – VPNSecure offers robust protection from hackers and snoopers that take advantage of low security measures used by the public Wi-Fi providers. The service uses encryption and tunneling features to hide your online activities at malls, airports, hotels, coffee shops and libraries.

5) Secure All Applications – VPNSecure is one stop solution for protecting all types of online activities. While the SSH and HHTP proxy solutions offered by the company can help you to protect your browsing activities, the VPN service can secure messaging, browsing, FTP, VOIP and torrenting activities with just one click.

Final Verdict - Overall, VPNSecure delivers a trustworthy VPN service. While the service is slightly expensive, it delivers a highly secure VPN solution for protecting day to day online activities. So if you wish to subscribe to a dependable privacy solution, check the VPN offers from VPNSecure.

April 15, 2014

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